6 Foolproof Ways to Close A Deal Like a Boss

It’s 6:00 pm on a Thursday night, you’re meeting with a client at their home to speak about their finance in depth, you arrive to be welcomed by children’s toys all over the floor, TV blaring, with the client’s kitchen table replaced by your office desk…

A familiar scenario for most of us, right?

But what comes with this unique set up as a broker, is the art of figuring out how to close client deals like a boss. There are already so many distractions going on, so keep your performance on point and set yourself apart so it doesn’t become just another one.

After doing a little research and piecing together the most successful and unsuccessful client meetings I’ve had, I’ve found some commonalities between them. I’ve looked at what worked and what didn’t, to create the maximum effect and close a deal every, single, time. So let’s look at how many brokers are running EVERY SINGLE customer appointment like a boss – And how many are letting them slip?


Tip 1. Prime your mind.

Have you ever been driving to an appointment and thinking to yourself, ‘I’m tired… I can’t be bothered…. uhh today was terrible’. Well, you need to be in the right headspace before you go knocking on their door in order to make your time worthwhile and leave a lasting impression. No matter what happened that day or how well your other deals are going, before every appointment you need to go in with a clear headspace, ready for the win. Giving them the right impression from the first moment you meet is so important to make them feel confident and ensure they can trust you.


Tip 2. It’s all in your posture.

Alright, alright, so you work long hours, but that doesn’t give you a free pass to laze or lean on something while you’re in a meeting with a client. Your body posture is a powerful way to use non-verbal communication, as body language is a reflection of your confidence and energy levels.

What do you need to pep you up? Coffee? Cold water? Good music to sing to in the car?

Sit up straight and pay attention to this element, keep your shoulders back and think about how you are giving off a welcoming energy so that your client feels at ease.


Tip 3. Pay attention to your body language.

Continuing on from your posture, these nonverbal communication queues can be the difference between putting an element of doubt into your client’s minds or making them feel 100% confident in you. There are four tell-tale signs that are associated with dishonestly including crossed arms, leaning away, face touching, and hand touching (according to Northeastern University). Try to refrain from these actions to win more deals through good body language and build a trustworthy rapport between you and your client.


Tip 4. The tilt.

Continuing with body language, try this one with your friends and family first, then bring it to your client appointments and see how it works. Tilting your head slightly is a great way to show you’re listening and are actually interested in what the other person is saying. This nonverbal queue also lets the speaker know that they have control of the conversation. Then, when the client finishes take another pause for a moment before you respond, this gives them time to continue sharing another point at ease if they wish.


Tip 5. Find a balance of eye contact.

Eye contact requires a good balance because not making eye contact at all is easily perceived as you’re disinterested or aren’t appreciative of the client and their time.

Really, there is no excuse not to give eye contact.

As a general rule, about 4 – 6 seconds of eye contact is ideal, then move to your notes as a point of reference. Now, this sounds a bit rigid and specific, but just keep it in the back of your mind. Eye contact is important and shows a higher level of professionalism.


Tip 6. Ask questions.

Take notes, listen actively and ask your clients questions. The more you learn about your client, the easier it will be to provide tailored and helpful advice. Sometimes my conversations have even taken me to what brand of protein powder my client is using or their favourite running tracks and why. This sort of information helps them become clients for life because it’s going beyond the office duties and actually engaging in a conversation that’s interesting to both of you.


Okay, so at the end make sure you leave a great final impression so you can walk away from the appointment feeling like a BOSS that nailed it in every aspect. Equally, you want your clients thinking you added more value than anyone else would – you were completely focused on their requirements, presented confidently, seemed honest, were completely engaged and asked questions to really understand their requirements.

We’d love to hear your BOSS stories with clients – or the awkward ones as long as they’re funny!! Let us know on Facebook or LinkedIn.



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