Four Chrome Extensions Every Broker needs to be using

Aside from my day-to-day processes, today I want to talk to you about Chrome extensions, which I’ve been finding are an effective way to increase my productivity. The capability of them is amazing, from getting a round up of useful information found online, to being notified by Gmail when emails are opened.


Here are my top Chrome extensions that I have found have had a great effect on my work and I highly recommend you adopt too.


For Gmail users – Boomerang

Boomerang is an extension for Gmail enabling you to schedule emails to be sent out later and can also send you a reminder for emails to be sent.

This is a great extension because you’ll have more control over your communication and be able to schedule emails early or late for maximum impact.

For example, if you know your clients check their personal emails in the evening (judging by their response rate, weekly), then it would be optimal to send them emails then, rather than during the day where it will get pushed to the back of their inbox.

Other extensions that are similar to Boomerang are and Sidekick by Hubspot.


For Gmail users – Rapportive

Have you ever had a case where you’re working with three Tom’s and struggling to remember which Tom is which? Well, we’re only human after all.


Rapportive is an extension that integrates the LinkedIn profile of senders through to your Gmail. So all the vitals of each contact will be shown in your Gmail. This allows you to build a strong rapport, remember who each client is, and show if you have any shared connections and leads, so that you can mention these at any time over the communication process. Easy!




I use Evernote to save notes and articles that I find online. Basically, it’s like an online notebook, so as long as you have the app installed, you can access the information from any device. It’s particularly good for when you come across content that you may not have had time to read and want to save for later. Trends are always changing both online and in the broker world, so Evernote is a great way to stay on top of them.



After using our free tools and reading about how to build your business, are you feeling really serious about reaching your goals? (Well, I hope you are!).

Instead of having the standard default tab page on Google, Momentum allows you to personalise it on Chrome so that you can have a motivational quote and inspiring photo show up. It’s a cool way to also write out your tasks for the day so you can stay on top of them, reminding you of them in a subtle way. You can personalise it with your name and log in with your email, so every time you open a new tab it reminds you about your goals for the day.



These are just some of the cool extensions that are available through Chrome that have really helped me streamline my work.

Tell me, do you have any extensions that you probably couldn’t live without?



Nathan Vecchio

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