Are You Missing Out On Quality Leads? Here's how to fix that.

There is a massive flaw in the way that brokers are trained: they don't teach you how to build your business. Your cert IV and bank accreditations mean that you're legally allowed to do mortgages, but what does the ability to submit loans mean when you don't have anyone to submit them for?

If you feel like you're struggling to get leads and develop a network, you're not alone. Time and time again, I get emails from people just like you who are struggling to build an effective business.

Based off my own experience we have created a proven broker system to take your business from Zero to $60M in 12 months consisting of 6 content packed chapters with actionable guides.

BONUS CPD POINTS: The FBAA have awarded 9 CPD points & MFAA have awarded 8 CPD points upon completion of the Top Broker Handbook. The code will be emailed with the book.

Whether you are newly accredited, or in the business for years and struggling to keep their heads above water, there are plenty of us in this industry who are stressed out and overwhelmed. Without a system to effectively generate and convert leads, you can end up at a loose end, drifting around, trying different techniques but not really getting anywhere.

That's definitely how I felt when I first got started. But there is a better way.

When I started out, it felt like I'd parachuted down into the middle of a desert. I was left to fend for myself with no leads, no network, and only a basic understanding where to find them. It can be pretty disheartening to realise that you've spent all this time and money and you've got nothing to show for it. Despite a rough start, with a lot of hard work and a bit of help from a great mentor, I managed to clear $60 million in settled loans in my first 12 months. I want to show you how to do the same.

And that's why I've written the TOB BROKER HANDBOOK

Over the last couple of months, I've spent over 80 hours distilling down the knowledge that I've learned through mentors, books, and thousands of dollars spent on conferences and courses into a clear and concise system. In this step-by-step guide, we cover the essential areas of being a Top Broker.

1. Vision and Goal Setting

In this section we show you how to create a vision for yourself that makes you leap out of bed ready to get to work. We then take you from this high-level vision right down to the nitty-gritty detail of your daily tasks. Once you've completed this, you can stop worrying about WHAT to do, and just start doing.

2. Lead Generation

Getting high quality leads is the foundation of any broker's business. In this section I'll show you how you can start from literally nothing and end up with more leads than you know what to do with. Follow these steps and soon you'll be able to stop worrying on finding leads and start focusing on converting those leads to appointments.

3. Appointments

How to put your best foot forward. We show you how diligent preparation, setting agendas, body language, and appointment reviews can turn your appointments into consistent, structured settlement generators - no more wasted leads.

4. Retention and Value Add

Repeat customers are your best customers. With techniques and examples of industry best practice, we show you how to turn a one-off customer into a customer for life, and reap the benefits for years to come.

5. Actual scripts + email templates

Also included is an appendix containing some valuable word-for-word scripts you can use in your own business, and a workbook to record your progress as you work through the system.

6. Bite sized action steps

Complete workbook that is printable to make sure you implement one small change each day to get your business closer to hitting your targets.

The Top Broker Guidebook Includes 7 chapters packed full with actual templates and scripts!

The Top Broker’s Handbook is a downloadable guide with over 55 pages & 7 Chapters of tips, systems, scripts and templates. This is our best stuff that includes my actual email templates and call scripts that aren’t available on the public site.

This book isn't for everyone - It is only for those willing to invest time and money in themselves.

No-Risk 100%  Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t think the The Top Broker Handbook can help catapult your business to the next level just get in touch and I will cheerfully refund all your money. You don’t even need to give me a reason for returning it. I know the power of this program and I’m confident you will get it the first day you rip into the material. You win no matter what because I shoulder all of the risk.

How Much?

The cost of the Top Broker Handbook is $119.99. Order securely online and the book will be delivered right to your inbox - At this price it's hard to lose. A loan for $500,000 gives you an average commission of $2,500. If you get just one extra loan settled by buying this book, it will have paid for itself 25X. And if you follow this system, you'll get a lot more than just one more loan settled!

I have poured my heart and soul into this book to make it as valuable as possible, and I'm sure you will find it an excellent resource. I'm so confident that you'll like it, you've got a full 30 days to decide. Buy the book, do the work and if at any stage you decide it's not for you or not worth your money, send me an email for a refund - no questions asked.

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