Hit the Ground Running: Lead Generation Ideas for 2018

To make 2018 the best year so far, I thought we’d start off by looking at lead generation techniques and how as a broker, you can leverage them to the max. Sometimes growing your leads from scratch can be considered to be a bit of mystery, but really, it doesn’t need to be so difficult. The key process involves finding more prospects through looking at where they hang out and further discovering their networks.

In this article, we’re going to go through the growing number of lead generation tactics to make your business more effective so that you can hit the ground running in 2018.


Review your website

Is your website focused on funnelling the user into converting or contacting you?

Often traditional websites don’t focus on lead generation and what the specific offer available is. List your services clearly and ensure that information is populated in a clear and obvious way. There’s nothing worse than searching for what feels like hours just to find the correct page. If your two main services are refinancing and residential loans, then make those two offerings click-through links directly accessible from the homepage.

Remember that your website doesn’t need to be packed full of information and links, simplify the visitors’ search process so that they can quickly access what they’re looking for.


Call to action – website and emails

After you’ve had a good look at your website, ask yourself – is there a clear call to action for your users on every page to go to? Think about whether you want them to give you a call or simply fill out the enquiry form. Ensure that every page of your website has a strong call to action, and the same goes for emails too.

In an email, tell your client exactly what they need to do – even whether they need to respond or not. This is a great way to minimise the decision-making process for your client, so when they read your email, they can simply follow the steps. And on emails that you are sending as a courtesy reminder simply say at the end “You don’t need to reply to this email, it’s just a courtesy follow up from the other day”.

Going back to website call to actions, DPN does a great job of this; its services lead you to a qualifying popup so you can follow the steps after it’s been determined – if you’re a first-time investor or expert, and from there the page guides you to the next steps involved. Simplify your website so that your users can easily reach their desired destination, quickly.


Facebook advertising

Sponsored posts are a game changer when it comes to discovering new leads. You can adopt this approach by creating look-a-like audiences. Basically what happens is by analysing your current Facebook following and leads, Facebook gathers data and creates an audience similar that you are not yet targeting. It can initially be overwhelming and confusing, but there’s heaps of information online about how you can set up an effective Facebook marketing strategy. We’ve written before about Facebook ads, and how to use your email for ridiculously targeted ads.


Call your current prospects

This isn’t about getting new business, but about maintaining the current relationship between you and your clients, or prospective clients.

Getting on the phone with them will help speed up your services instead of relying on their email response. So if they haven’t started moving ahead with a deal, give them a call to just touch base and reiterate that you’re their first point of contact.


Partnerships & creating your own network

This can be between you and your clients or also through your current professional networks. First, think about who your ideal client is and what other services they require and see how you can work with them. From there, start to build your own networks, become a ‘connector’. This not only helps you meet more people but brings you into other circles, some examples include:

  • Introduce accountants to financial planners – this could even be when you meet a client who is in one of these professions – connecting them.
  • Introduce real estate agents to gardeners or electricians. Why does this work? Because real estate agents are in people’s homes and they know when clients want to sell and when a property needs work done, so having a good network of tradespeople is helpful for them.



Spend some time reviewing where your leads are actually coming from. Look at what has worked over the past year and what hasn’t. Have clients made comments to you previously about why they decided to use your services over another broker? Or perhaps mentioned a bad experience with someone else and how they benefitted from working with you instead? The ultimate measure of any marketing activity is revenue and where it’s actually coming from. If it’s as simple as word of mouth marketing, then focus on encouraging your clients to refer you.


So how will you be generating more leads this year? Check out our free tools here to set up your daily planner and organise your year ahead.



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