Mortgage Brokers: 3 tips to generate more leads through Google TODAY!

There are massive opportunities for mortgage brokers to generate leads online – I personally generate over 30% of new business this way and I know other Top Brokers that generate more than half of their business online. But surprisingly some brokers are still resisting and although they might have a website they can’t be found on Google because they’re not set up correctly – According to recent statistics Google held 92.90% of Australia’s search engine marketshare so if you can’t be found on Google, then your business doesn’t exist. 

With this being the case I’ve put together the 3 easiest ways to get to the top of Google & ultimately help you generate more leads online. These three tips are things you can do RIGHT NOW without needing an IT degree or contracting expensive marketing teams so check it out and I know you will get results implementing these steps.

Step 1: Search Engines – Google – THIS IS FREE
Ok first and foremost, if you have a website and cannot be found on Google you need to look at submitting your sitemap to Google using their free Webmaster Tools This is basically a listing of all the pages on your website, so follow the steps and get it indexed now!


Step 2: Maps – Google Business – THIS IS FREE & CRITICAL!!!!!
If you haven’t done this already, stop what you’re doing and head to to register your business. It takes 3-4 minutes, Google will send a physical postcard to your address to confirm you are there (this takes 2-3 weeks) and then once online you will appear on Google Maps and search. Note if you set it up correctly this box will appear on the right when people google your business which just helps beef up your online presence.


Step 3: Online advertising – Adwords Express – PAID
So we’ve established in Australia over 90% of people are looking for help using Google and internationally Google Generates 2.4m searches every minute – so there is a massive opportunity to mortgage brokers across Australia BUT – have you tried advertising on the internet?


I have found the results of using Google Adwords to be excellent. It’s very easy to set up just follow the steps you put the keywords you want to focus on and you’re away – TIP – Don’t use broad words, be more specific to get better bang for your advertising buck, for example Chatswood Mortgage Broker, Finance Broking mothers, Investment Property Finance, etc.

These tips work, like I said I generate over 30% of my new business online so make sure you follow these tips and I PROMISE you too will generate MORE and MORE business online.

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