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Dino Pacella is a BDM for a non-major bank and is based in Western Australia. He was named the FBAA’s BDM of the Year and is the founder of the National Finance Brokers Day

In this episode, we look at exactly what successful brokers do differently and discuss the importance of becoming an authority on social media. After listening, you’ll realise how easy it is to generate leads via social media and become an expert online.

Dino, from your experience, what separates a successful broker from an unsuccessful one?

We’ve spoken about being consistent and routine and most successful brokers are educating their clients or prospective clients in a number of ways. Whether that’s through social media or contacting them directly. A lot of it is around showing them your knowledge and helping them get to the outcome they want to get to. Those successful brokers are honing in on the educational piece for their clients and really making a name for themselves. Showing them that the lending aspect is easy but why exactly you’re an experienced broker and how you’re going beyond assisting with their needs and leveraging your contacts and referral partners too.

Identifying other needs for the client is important too. For example, if you’re doing residential lending, good brokers find out other opportunities like whether the client is self-employed, there are more opportunities there. Think about it as – I’m not just a mortgage broker but expanding my service proposition to what I can do for the market. Not just a one-stop shop, a good broker is well rounded.


How do you see exceptional brokers communicate their wealth of knowledge?

An easy way is through social media, it’s so powerful and you can reach so many people.

A good example is through content marketing, brokers being able to sit down and put their thoughts into their own article and sharing that out to their audience. This can be added to their website, through Facebook, LinkedIn, wherever the majority of your consumers are. Choose the right platforms to share the right content.

If I go back to some exceptional brokers, they’re doing it daily. Going back to consistency, social media without consistency only has the media aspect and no social aspect.



What have you seen successful brokers do when they’ve implemented it on a consistent level what has it done to their business?

Those doing it daily and sharing their knowledge via content marketing is aimed at the people who are seeing their news feed come up daily and what they’re doing is, keeping themselves front of mind. Testimonials and reviews back this up too and prompt those seeing you, to refer you to their friends.

  1. Knowledge
  2. Personal approach

Public Facebook pages and Instagram accounts, the good ones are leading clients into their business. If a broker is on the road and they’ve done something fantastic for their clients, it’s about sharing this and getting them to do a testimonial for you. Get them to do it right there, like a 20-second video on your phone and post it right away.

Facebook Live is another one. A lot of brokers are scared away by this, but if you’ve got the knowledge base, which most brokers do. You’d be comfortable talking on a one on one basis, so as long as your knowledge is there, it’s okay to make a few mistakes. When people are on social media they’re there to be entertained, get value and find newsworthy articles. If it’s meant to be perfect they’ll turn on the news, instead of going to social media.


So the focus of social media is to create yourself as an authority and show your clients the ability to interview you before they meet you?

Absolutely, I can’t remember the last time I made a large purchase without doing research through the internet, it’s not like I’ve gone, okay, I’m going to buy a car, that’s the first car I’ll see so I’ll buy it. It’s about reading testimonials and getting a feel for what they’re doing.

This also helps brokers find their perfect match of a client because they know exactly your services.



Finally, what is the number one takeaway that brokers can action to increase their social media presence?

If a broker is going to post on social media, ask yourself about whether the audience seeing the post will get value, it doesn’t need to be a 100% strike rate but as long as they’re ticking that box. Ask yourself if it’s something within your realm and expertise and if you are adding value.

Value, expertise, consistency = go for it. If it ticks those boxes then it’s worthwhile posting consistently to create strong messaging and helping the consumer understand what you stand for.



Key takeaway points:

  1. Educating your clients in all ways, look at the process, not just the loans. i.e. The auction process.
  2. Looking at the clients needs holistically, rather than just looking at the transaction. They want assistance with looking at their business, understand their commercial needs and either introduce them to someone who can help or help them yourself.
  3. Becoming an expert online, become an authority in your niche so when client’s need help they’ll come directly to you.

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