Top Apps Every Mortgage Broker Should be Using in 2018

It’s no secret that as brokers we’re always on the go, between client meetings or catching up on paperwork in the office. Which is why at the beginning of this year I spent some time sitting down and researching some of the best Apps for mortgage brokers to save time and improve every day activities. I already heavily use Apps in my day to day activities, but now there’s almost an App for everything. So I wanted to make sure you are taking advantage of this too.



RP Data Pro Mobile App

Keeping the latest updates at your fingertips couldn’t be easier with RP Data Pro’s App, now I assume most of you are probably already onto this, but for the small percentage who aren’t it’s time to step it up.

Cost: Paid via your subscription




Every morning I start my day cycling, but Strava is the secret to how I keep my fitness social and stay accountable because it shares my results with those who ‘follow’ me. This app tracks your running or riding via GPS and lets you join challenges, follow friends and share photos. As a Top Broker, keep your health and wellbeing as a top priority and build a bit of healthy competition between you and your team mates. It’s also a great way to track your progress so you can see how far you’ve come!

Cost: Free




It’s easy to become a slave to social media, trying to maintain your personal brand as a broker. However Buffer finds a way to connect all your profiles into one platform and schedule your posts. This saves me so much time because I can stay present online without having to be on my phone all day actually uploading posts separately.

Cost: $99.99/month for small businesses





Ever needed to quickly sign a document but didn’t have access to a printer? Well forget about that old school technique. DocuSign gives you a place to save your digital signature and add it to a PDF. This one’s great to recommend to clients too, so that they can send back documents to you while they’re on the go.

Cost: Free





Evernote is an essential tool in my day to day activities. No matter where I am, I can access my notes or quickly jot down a bright idea that might come to mind. It can even read text from business cards or other paper forms and turn it into a contact, so when you meet clients while you’re out, you can easily grab their details. The best part is that it syncs across devices, so my phone notes connect to my computer, and on!

Cost: Free





Another great tool for collaborating with your clients, to collaborat on documents back and forward is Dotloop. The client needs to create their own account and get verified first, but once that’s done they are easily guided through the document with indications on where to sign. Seriously, how did we ever do things without technology!?

Cost: Starting at $30/month






It can be hard keeping up with your team’s movements and what everyone is up to for the week, which is when I discovered SmartDay. It finally gave me a way to ensure tasks were being completed or otherwise delegated on. Projects are shared between your team members with comments and tasks enabled on it too. The automatic task scheduling is particularly neat, because when it finds free time in your calendar it schedules the tasks in for you! It’s like having your own personal virtual assistant…

Cost: Free on the web; $29.99 for Mac; $9.99 for iOS; $4.99 for Android


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