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Peter Vassilis is the director of Black and White finance, based in Sydney, and he’s setting the industry on fire. Only brokering for 12 months, he’s already been nominated for two national awards. In this episode, we look at the combination of youth and experience and looking at how to leverage it through mentorship. By the end of this episode, you’re going to feel a sense of direction in knowing how you too can ‘get on fire’ in the finance industry.

Tell us about how your journey started?

As cliché as it sounds, it all started on a beach in Greece. My wife and I were talking about what success would look like five years from today. My wife responded saying having a child and being happy and I responded with the same but asked what happiness actually looked like. I’ve always had a passion for finance and I felt like I was missing the broker piece of the equation.

We were able to simplify finance for people making it black and white and that’s where we got the name of our business.


How did you get into the industry?

It happened about 10 years ago after I finished university. I started with an accounting firm and I realised it wasn’t for me and that I had a passion for property and finance. When I was discussing with my mentor what career path I should go down after looking at my passion and skill set, finance was where I was led.


Your favourite quote is, if everything’s under control you’re not going fast enough, how does this relate to your transition from banker to broker.

From banking, my perspective at the time was – I was seeing a few successful bankers and I was learning to work at a very fast pace. I could see there was a correlation between speed of market and speed with work and I really liked that. I tried to adopt this concept myself and I realised when I didn’t have that speed and when I wasn’t moving forward at that pace, I wasn’t succeeding.


Peter, you start your day before it ends, how does this work?

Yes, I am up early and the routine is what has contributed to us being able to achieve so much in a short amount of time.

I have a cold glass of water and strong coffee to wake me up. I like to exercise in the morning. I read the news and have breakfast then start the list I’ve prepared the day before, this entails calls from about 8:30 am to 10:00 am depending on when my first meeting starts, then I’ll attend meetings for the day and I aim to have no more than three. I then finish my to-do list I’ve prepared the day before and then create the next one for the following day. After that, it’s family time and I put the phone down.



I know you seek out mentors, what have they done for your business?

The mentors are great because they hold you accountable for what it is you’ve mapped out to achieve. You put your objectives and goals on paper. It’s great having someone to bounce ideas off and keep you in check. It’s important to find someone that will help you on the journey, not someone who will blow wind up your pipe and tell you what you want to hear.

Another mentor I have is outside of the industry and that helps to have a fresh perspective. Just because I have a mentor doesn’t stop me from getting feedback from others too though, I’m always looking for more feedback on how we can improve. We ask our clients how they perceive Black and White finance so that we can improve it.


If you could only do three things each day what would they be?

  • The most important thing for me is spending time with the family they’re what keeps me in check.
  • Exercise and going to the gym, that keeps me sharp.
  • Meeting people face to face, this is my passion and helping people with their finance. When I initially speak to people that have been referred to us, the first thing I try to do is organise a meeting to build a face to face rapport.



In summary, three takeaway points are:

  1. A mentor will break you down so you can build back up.
  2. Feedback is key to any successful business.
  3. Make time for the important things in life, like family and health.

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